Mr. Putin and Hillary Clinton’s e-mails

When an encrypted U.S. government communication system is tapped into by hackers or a foreign intelligence service, U.S. counter-intelligence officers must assume the worst-case scenario; that is, anything which might be useful to the attacker was taken. When an unencrypted system is tapped, no assumption is needed because there is not a single credible reason to think that an enemy power failed to tap the system or that anything less than everything was taken.

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U.S. general officers seem clearly unacquainted with truth and reality

Last Wednesday (28 October 2015), FOX’s Neil Cavuto interviewed a Congresswoman who argued that the United States had to stop trying to destroy Bashir al-Assad’s regime in Syria and concentrate on decisively defeating the Islamic State (IS), al-Qaeda, etc. How can that be done, Mr. Cavuto asked? The Congresswoman — who is a U.S. military veteran — responded that the use of Special Forces and air power can turn the trick. Always the gracious gentleman, Mr. Cavuto behaved as if the Congresswoman was making sense, providing insight, and pointing the way to victory. In truth, she was simply parroting the long-discredited line of the U.S. bipartisan governing elite.

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Rescue America by leaving Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria to Mr. Putin

So why is the U.S. military staying longer in Afghanistan to keep bleeding in a war that was lost long ago? Why is President Obama leaving behind a force whose story may turn out to be a reprise of an old western movie in which a valiant but tiny cavalry unit mans a fort surrounded by savage Indians and waits for reinforcements that do not come in time to rescue it? Why do we care what happens in Afghanistan after already losing the war, wasting the lives and limbs of several thousand U.S. Marines and soldiers, and expending a trillion wasted dollars, a goodly part of which cannot be accounted for?

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Mr. Obama, you and your party are precisely why the 2nd Amendment exists

Once again the vicious, amoral, and reality-free man Americans have elected twice to the presidency has rushed to the media to exploit the dead and wounded and their families in the Oregon college shooting. President Obama says that we ought to “politicize” the killings because “only voting” can bring guns under the national government’s full control. No surprise there, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Biden, Bloomberg, and their fellow infant-butchering associates want to install a one-party, minority-run, police state in America — though they will call it “effective central government” or some other dissembling term — and know they will have to disarm Americans to do so.

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Take the Russian Gift Horse’s gift and run like hell to North America

One has to be amazed at the number of chances to save itself that America keeps encountering and refusing to grasp and exploit in the Arab world. We were safely out of Iraq when Obama and the Republicans returned us to that hell hole created by Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair, and Israel First. We were safely and serenely sitting on the sidelines and happily watching the descent of the Muslim world into a massive sectarian war when Obama signed us up to fight on the side of both Saudi Arabia and Iran, thereby knowingly and deservedly earning the hatred of Sunnis and Shias. We were completely out of harm’s way from the migrant mess the effeminate Europeans are either too stupid or too cowardly to halt, and Obama, his party, and the Republicans have sent a half billion dollars of our taxes for the EU to waste while it commits suicide-by-migrant, and now want to bring 100,000 migrants into an already migrant-drowning and internally insecure America. Now, miraculously, another and perhaps last chance to save ourselves has fallen into our increasingly unworthy laps. As our enemies would say, “God is great!” Russian President Putin is moving military forces into Syria, and seems to have concluded a deal with Iran which will see Tehran occupy the Shia areas of Iraq once the nuclear deal cannot be undone. In addition, the media report that our European “allies” are moving in Putin’s direction, with chancellors, prime ministers, pundits, and politicians in Italy, France, Germany, Britain, and elsewhere claiming that the West needs to be more “realistic” and ally itself with Russia, Syria, and — implicitly — Iran to defeat the Islamic State. And, finally, Thursday’s FOX news brought word that Israel has signed up with Putin and his Arab and Persian sidekicks by setting up “a joint mechanism with the Russian military to coordinate their operations in Syria and avoid any accidental confrontations.”

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U.S.-NATO military interventions caused Europe’s migrant disaster

The leaders and bureaucrats of the European Union (EU) are fortunate that they have largely disarmed the citizens of EU member states. If the citizens of Europe had personal weapons, all officials at all levels of the increasingly authoritarian EU organization might well be under fire — and rightly so — for causing the horde of unwanted, unneeded, and non-assimilable migrants that is now inundating Europe.

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More 9/11-related, cover-up lies, these from an ex-CIA Director and a ‘journalist’

In this space I have generally refrained from singing my own praises, most especially because there are so few to sing. But on this occasion I am going to publish a commendation that was given to me by the Department of Justice, on its behalf and that of the FBI, for the work that my unit “Alec Station” — staffed mostly by female CIA officers, but also with excellent female officers from NSA and FBI — did against Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida between November, 1995, and May, 1999. I am doing so for two reasons.

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Congress, Israel, and another season of treason

Why do some U.S. politicians love to consort with foreigners who want the United States to fight their wars for them? Franklin Roosevelt and his clique palled around with the British in the years before Pearl Harbor, allowing free reign to their espionage and propaganda activities in the United States and working with them to get America into the UK’s war with Germany by using any unconstitutional tool that seemed to have promise.

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Islamic State is winning, America must soon use its one remaining option

Three of the U.S. national government’s self-imposed and surely lethal handicaps in dealing with the Islamist threat are (a) a fixation on looking at the problem in a state-by-state manner; that is, what do we do in Iraq? what do we do in Afghanistan? what do we do in Libya? etc.; (b) an enduring but long-disproved assumption that in its war with Islam the West has time its side; and (c) an addiction to an unwise, unnecessary, and bankrupting interventionism that is the main motivator of the international Islamist movement, a phenomenon which was fathered and is still nurtured by the West’s so-called “allies and friends,” Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, etc.

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