In Europe, Mr. Trump will find a tyrant-filled EU. He should end the U.S.-UK special tie and kill NATO (partial)

As President Trump arrives Europe, he is readying to encounter a continent in which most nation-states are ruled by parties and leaders who want no part of the West’s historic democratic and republican traditions. For the first time in post-1945 history, an American president has no credible reason to pay even lip-service to the now-clear nonsense that the United States and Europe are a community of democratic societies. Save for nationalist-led governments of Poland, Hungary, and perhaps Italy, the nation-state members of the EU have quietly become tyrannies.

The EU’s leaders and bureaucracies have defied voters from the Arctic Ocean to the tip of Sicily by promoting the invasion of the continent by African and Arab Muslims who hate Christianity — they share this sentiment with EU leaders and bureaucrats — and seek life on the dole; legal preferment for themselves and Islam; practice wide-ranging violence, including the grooming of young girls for individual- and gang-rape; and the legal subordination of native-born Europeans to their will and that of the tyrants who have giddily herded them into the continent.

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