Who’s dumber — Marc Grayson or LINKEDIN?

I had not intended to follow up on my last piece about MARC GRAYSON and his knowing conduct of a fraudulent LINKEDIN site, but the message that LINKEDIN sent to GRAYSON in an effort to try to help him continue perpetrating his fraud, pasted in below, is really priceless. I wonder how many such frauds are being conducted and assisted — hopefully unknowingly — by those who administer this service?

Hi marc,
We noticed someone just tried to sign in to your LinkedIn account from a location you haven’t used before, so we want to make sure it’s really you.
If you did try to sign in:
Please use this verification code to complete your sign in: 080687
If you didn’t try to sign in, be sure to change your password by clicking the link below.
Thanks for helping us keep your account secure.
The LinkedIn Team